best Internet browsers on Android


Let’s not be fooled, most Android users are happy with the web browser app that comes with their smartphone, whether it’s the manufacturer’s browser or Google Chrome. Yet there are also very good alternatives on the Google Play Store, here is a selection.

For all: Google Chrome
We start with the inevitable Google Chrome which has the advantage of being developed by Google and therefore to fully integrate with Android.

The browser is fast and powerful, with regular updates – for example, improving download speed or user comfort – and you can easily synchronize a bunch of data like favorites or keywords. pass with other devices like PC or Mac.

The lighter alternative to Google: Chromer
Chromer is more of a practical application than a real browser. Its developer was very smart, he had the idea to use Chrome Custom Tabs to create Chromer. This is a feature born with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and which allows developers to open web pages with the Chrome engine.

Once configured as the default browser, Chromer will create a new application in Android multitasking for each tab. With Chrome Custom Tabs, Chromer will have secure access to information stored in Chrome such as passwords. The advantage over Chrome is the lightness of the browser that will load the pages faster.

For a quick and ad-free navigation: Brave
Here’s an alternative to Chrome, but still based on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s browser. Brave has quickly become a very popular browser on Android and iOS and enjoys some sympathy from the community since it was created by the former boss of Mozilla.

Among its advantages are a high speed of execution and the native integration of an advertising blocker and plotters. The interface looks like that of Google Chrome, new users will not be disoriented, with the exception of the Brave logo in the address bar. This button allows you to know with a click the amount of advertising and plotters blocked and configure several options on the blocking. Since December 2017, the browser also offers to play YouTube videos in the background.

To navigate incognito: Dolphin Zero
Dolphin has been available for a very long time on Android and the browser is often recommended as an alternative to the default smartphone application. It had the particular advantage of proposing an extension system, similar to what we know on computer. In 2013, Dolphin launched a new browser for people who care about their privacy, Dolphin Zero.

Dolphin Zero is a very light version of Dolphin, it weighs only a small megabyte. Each time the browser is released, all user data is deleted as in Chrome’s Incognito mode. Advertisements and plotters are all disabled by default.

Due to lack of cache, Dolphin Zero is a bit more streamy at loading pages than its competitors. We also regret the insistence of the browser to make us download the full version of Dolphin.


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